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Teacher Treasures A Resouce Center
Teacher Treasures A Resouce Center
Teacher Treasures A Resouce Center
Teacher Treasures A Resouce Center
Teacher Treasures A Resouce Center

Shopping Process

To be eligible to shop at Teacher Treasures A Resource Center:

Teachers must be a full-time, certified teacher with his or her own classroom, at one of our public schools located in Caldwell County, North Carolina. Personnel not eligible to shop include: Instructional Assistants, Interns, Student Teachers, Tutors, In School Suspension Teachers, Visiting Teachers, *Counselors, Custodians, and Office and Cafeteria staff.


If you are not eligible to shop but possess a teaching certificate from an accredited college or university and work as a permanent part-time employee for Caldwell County school district, you may be able to earn a 30 minute shopping trip but you must first sign up to volunteer for three or more hours and complete a volunteer orientation. Once completed, you can then earn a free 30 minute time slot. Due to limited product availability, this program is only available to Caldwell County school district employees.

*Under certain circumstances school Counselors and Caldwell County DHHS Social Workers may be eligible to make emergency visit(s).  example; If a teacher, in the middle of the school year receives a New Student or identifies a Student in need who shows up with no school supplies, this would then be considered an emergency event and would warrant eligibility.

When you arrive for your scheduled shopping visit, you will find a clean, friendly retail environment. Our shelves are stocked with everything a classroom needs, arts & crafts, books, and much more. After signing in at the front counter you will be given a shopping cart and a shopping list that includes all the items in the store and the limits you are permitted to take.

As you shop, you will fill out your shopping list with the number of items you take and at the end you will proceed to the checkout counter and hand in your shopping list. Our staff will check your list and log your totals and finally assist in packing up your items. There are no cash registers or fees; all the items you take are free of charge. 


Each scheduled shopping visit is 30 minutes. Please be prompt as there will be teachers waiting for their session to begin. Please, bring boxes or bags to take supplies back to school. Sometimes we have boxes and bags but we do run out.

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