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GivingTuesday Mayor Gibbons and Knevian Mroavec

City of Lenoir Mayor Joe Gibbons, left, presents the #GivingTuesday Proclamation to Katie Tocci, Executive Director of Teacher Treasures: A Resource Center, during the City Council meeting November 3, 2020.


Who Are We?

Teacher Treasures: A Resource Center is a local non-profit organization supporting Caldwell County public education by providing teachers with supplies and resources at NO COST. Donations from the community and our School Tools partners stock the resource center with supplies that help set up teachers and students for success in the classroom. 


Our goal is to ensure that children and their classrooms in Caldwell County have the basic tools for learning. We do this by transferring, at no cost, community donated supplies into the hands of teachers for school children in need. Donations from individuals and businesses help keep the shelves stocked with everything from crayons, markers and glue to items such as backpacks, binders and craft supplies. Community volunteers assist with stocking shelves, managing inventory and keeping the resource center running each shopping day.

How Did We Start?

Teacher Treasures was founded in 2017 by Kenvian Ferguson and the Ferguson family’s charitable foundation (Our Family Legacy). The organization has made an incredible impact in classrooms throughout Caldwell County, but there are still many teachers we have not yet reached.


In addition to connecting with every teacher in Caldwell County to ensure their success and the success of their students, the organization is in need of consistent funding sources. While community donations of supplies help keep the shelves stocked, there is a great need for monetary support.


In 2020, Katie Tocci joined the organization as the Executive Director with the goal of increasing publicity and funding. She is working with area businesses, organizations and foundations to secure more consistent, recurring funding sources.

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