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May I claim a tax deduction for my donation to Teacher Treasures?


In most cases, individuals and businesses may claim product and/or cash donations as charitable contributions, but you should rely on the advice of your tax advisor.


What items are most needed?

Teachers always need basic school supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, crayons, glue, scissors and notebook filler paper. Teachers are very creative and will use products that you would never imagine in a classroom such as unused greeting cards, business letterhead and envelopes.

Teacher “wish list” of most requested items:

•        Copy paper

•        Composition Books

•        Washable markers

•        Rulers

•        Colored pencils (12 count)

•        Filler paper

•        School scissors

•        Glue sticks

•        Crayons

•        Spiral notebooks

•        Pens


Are there items Teacher Treasures does not accept?

Yes. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept clothing, computers and electronics at this time. However, we will accept personal items such as toothpaste, soap, sanitizing wipes and Kleenex.

Does Teacher Treasures provide a pick-up service for product donations?


Yes. However we have a limited ability to pick up donated items. Therefore, we request that you please arrange for delivery or drop off your items at our store until we have a set schedule in place for pick up service. We are located at P.O. Box 795 Granite Falls, NC 28630. You may call in advance to assure your delivery will be handled upon your arrival (828) 292-1570.



Who runs the Teacher Treasures a Resource Center Store?

Teacher Treasures is a volunteer-run program that receives donations primarily through local businesses, local community members and grants. The store is managed and operated by foundation support that operate teacher check-in and check-out procedures. They also stock shelves and assist with inventory maintenance. Teacher Treasures a resource Center could not run nearly as efficiently or effectively without the help of our dedicated volunteer base.


How is Teacher Treasures Funded?

We are funded solely through generous cash and product donations from our Caldwell County community including businesses, foundations and individuals. We also partner with national 501 (c) 3 charitable organizations that provides free school supplies to students in need through its national network of resource centers.


May students volunteer at the Teacher Treasures Store for community service hours?


Yes. Students ages 11-14 can volunteer at the Store with a parent or guardian present. Students ages 15 and over may fulfill their community service hours at the store with parent or guardian consent. Please contact Katie Tocci,, for more information on earning community service hours.


What do you do with the clipboard sheets we always fill out?

Teacher Treasures uses the "inventory sheets" for data collection. At each visit please provide your clearly written full name, date, school or program, and grade. Please also sign and date the form prior to you checking out to save wait time for others. When recording items on the sheet, please only use actual numbers and please do not total marks, words, or check marks.


Can I shop for my colleagues?


No, each eligible staff shopper must shop just for their own classroom or program group. The inventory changes often and shoppers need to see it firsthand. Additionally, if it appears to your school that not many take advantage of the free materials, they may skip your school and move on to the next available school.


How often can I shop?

For now, we are only allowing three shopping days in one calendar school year, this also includes summer school. We do not allow back-to-back shopping days and/or back-to-back shopping weeks, especially at the start of the new school year. This will allow every teacher in the district to get at least on shopping day booked at the start of the new school year.

Can I take items for personal use?


No. We are trusted by our donors to see that the materials they give us will be used for program and classroom use only. It could jeopardize our access to some materials. NEVER sell products intended for teachers and students. Students should also adhere to this rule as well.

Do you need to know if I have changed schools/grades?


PLEASE keep us updated on any changes in your email address, work site, name, grade or title.


I'm pretty busy, but how can I help?


You can help in a variety of ways, including:

1. Spreading the word about our valuable service to your colleagues, friends, and business associates.

2. Writing thank you letters telling "how the materials helped students learn" to our donors.

3. Volunteering 2 hours a month.

4. Monetary Donations and/or Gift in Kind donations.

5. Participating in our events and fund raisers and encouraging others to do so too.

6. Donating supplies that are useful to other teachers (i.e. hand-me-downs).

7. Share your talents or hobbies with us—we may be able to work together.

8. Reference Teacher Treasures a Resource Center in your grants, newsletters, websites, and other public relations. Let people know where you get your great stuff and how much it helps you teach and how your students benefit through our service.

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